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 Cornerstone is steeped in staggering excitement for new opportunities! We're here to announce...


Dreams DO come true!!!!!!!!


Never in our wildest dreams did we dream BIG enough!

We've learned first to always dream BIG. But most importantly, we've learned that when we don't, when we think BIG is impossible.

Then God shows up and--step aside--BIG is possible!!


Cornerstone's first international experience was in the summer of 2010, when the company was only 2 weeks old. Carol presented a workshop entitled, "How to Manage Your Success" in Calgary. Carol recalls the Canadian people are very friendly and we all desire the same things: Happiness, Success, Peace, Spiritual Completeness. 


In the fall of 2010, Cornerstone was invited as a columinist for the Right of Way magazine (ROW), a publication for the right of way professional, sponsored by the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).

When Cornerstone accepted this challenge and entitled its column, "Back to Basics," little did we realize that a year into the column, the magazine would be offered online, thus giving it global access to our column as well.

In 2011, when ROW went online, this was Cornerstone's first venture in the global arena, outside of North America. The IRWA website receives several million visit/yr. Check it out: www.irwaonline.org



When the magazine went global, Cornerstone was thrilled for the opportunity to help folks all over the world to become successful in not only their professional lives, but personal as well. But with chagrin, we never dreaming beyond that one publication...

But when we received a phone call in early December, 2012, announcing we were hired to teach a course in Johannesburg, South Africa! our dentures fell out!!!! Seriously!!!!

On March 7, 2013 Carol presented a one-day course, "Conflict Management" to 57 right of way professionals throughout South Africa.

If you look close enough, squint hard enough; you'll find Carol in the front row, 5th from right. She's wearing a dark pantsuit, if that helps you ;o)

These are the observations Carol made while teaching the course, "Our respective countries share so many of the same issues, especially in relation to laws and governmental policies. And although the laws in the USA are more strictly defined, South Africa faces a host of other hurdles. One in particular is the strain of working with mining companies, which are scattered over the entire region, occupying huge swatches of land. There are also a diverse number of cultural and religious issues for private property owners, where ancestral loyalties are very challenging. These are similiar challenges we have in the USA on tribal lands and in Canada over first nation lands."


(Used with Permission from SARWA Executive Board as published in the SARWA Newsletter, April, 2013, Vol. 01/13)
2013 Annual Education Conference and AGM held at Glenhove Conference Center, Johannesberg, South Africa. Day 1 - 7 March, 2013
SARWA has been very fortunate to have Carol Brooks as a Speaker at the Annual Education Seminar, held at the Glenhove Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. The topic: How to Manage your Success.
Carol also presented the IRWA Course 213 - Conflict Management (International Version) on 6 March 2013.
(Summary of the presentation made by Carol on 7 March 2013)
 Carol started in saying there is no elevator to success. Success is achieved step by step – there are always stepping stones to success. It is important to celebrate first success! It is important to learn from role-models. Adapt a style from these people that fits you. First failures may have a huge impact, but without mistakes there is not always learning. If you don’t make mistakes you are not learning. She defined experience as when you get something you did not want. It also shows you who you are and what you can become.
Important is to:
•Know your customer,
•Celebrate the strengths embedded in your past.
We must always try to attain success, which is done through the following:
•Strive for excellence,
•Strive for constant improvement,
•Give away what you have/know (share your knowledge),
 Maintain Success through:
Ensure success and always strive for higher ground!!
The South African Right of Way Association recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. Their membership consists of land specialist, environmentalist, surveyors, engineers, real estate attorneys, property managers, valuers, other facilitators--all disciplines, who acquire property rights to improve infrastructure projects for the public good. To learn more about the South African Right of Way Association and their exciting initiatives, please visit their site: www.sarwa.co.za

I believe you'll be as impressed with their ambitions as I was to see their passion and motivation to help the people in their country improve roads, pipelines and dry utilities.

The day after the class and conference, the small contingent of IRWA members from the US were treated to a safari at the Pilanesburg National Forest. This was the first safari for us.


Look at the size of the ears on this bad boy. He was HUGE! He was also the Bull Elephant responsible for "his" caravan--herd of elephants that were making their way to the river. Our teeth were chattering while we sat in the van, hearts pounding out of our ears. It was scary, yet so very exciting to see dominance and protection in action. Mr. Bull Elephant reminded me of God's protection whenever anyone enters our lives to threaten our well being.  

The following picture is a portion of the elephant herd he was protecting. Also included are other pictures taken while on safari:

We also saw ostrich, various species of birds and their respective nests, wild turkeys.

 The following day after safari, we awoke early to visit the Lesedi Cultural Center. We experienced an interesting walking tour, learning the various tribes, cultural uniquenss, and dance.

The red hat worn by the gal in the first photo is married. She can NEVER remove the hat. She works in it, baths in it, sleeps in it. If she removed it, then it was good cause for her death. The men in the middle picture are guards in the main or prinicpal hut. Other guards stand watch in the 3rd picture. The man standing on the platform announces visitors. No one can enter the village unless permitted by the elders of the tribe (the men standing at the entrance).

Each tribe has a garden consisting of root plants, vegetables and marijuana for their tribal meetings. We also ate tribal foods consisting of black beans, masa and soured milk. We were offered roasted and steamed bugs from another tribe...and frankly, that's where I had to cross the line. A gal from England ate one of the roasted bugs. I had to walk away when I heard her crunching...

Other pictures taken are:



 Christians worshiping outside early Sunday morning. Saw a few communities of worshipers in the open fields. One group was dressed in white. Some people also wore bright blue sashes.






Carol is standing to the right of the Nelson Mandela statue. Do you notice the small creature resting atop his head. It's a pigeon. This was the entrance into the Nelson Mandela Square, an enormous shopping center.

One must always include a shopping excursion into her itinerary. After all, we have a responsibility to contribute to the economy!!!

She bought the most fabulous pair of shoes there! Amazing!!!! Received so many compliments here in the US.




Carol was asked to instruct the first pilot visual class for online learners for the International Right of Way Association in May, 2013. This is the newest breed of online learning, which provides the learner with a classroom feel. The program is called VEIT, Video Enabled Integrated Technology, which extends global learning for all right of way professionals located in Japan, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Germany, Australia, Mexico, to name a few. This is an awesome opportunity for Cornerstone to spread our global wings!


The first VEIT course C213, Conflict Management, is currently in its final phase of production and scheduled for release in the upcoming months. "VEIT brings you the best of both worlds by combining online delivery with an in-person meeting experience," says Deidre Alves, M.ED., Vice President of Professional Development.

The production process for an 8-hr course took over 12-hrs. It was a memorable experience, one that shall be held in the highest esteem for Cornerstone. Standing in front of bright lights for 12-hrs was a breeze with eyedrops and occasional foot massages!

Testimonials from an online viewers:

"I wanted to let you know that I thought you were great on the video. You were made for the green screen!" --- J. Colburn

"It was very very good. You are born to do this sort of thing!   I am not joking a bit. Other people commented on how natural you were and how having you as the facilitator made the success of the presentation. " --- J. Currie 


 Cornerstone has partnered with the South African R/W Association's Newsletter. Our column entitled, Back to Basics, is featured in their quarterly publication.

Please feel free to check out their entire newsletter. We think you'll be enchanted with their unique voice and impactful mannerisms. You may even identify with their quest for excellence and success as being the same as yours. Visit www.sarwa.co.za and click "Industry News" for copies of their newsletter library.

"I would like to thank you so much for the positive contributions that you are making to our Sarwa News Letter, your contribution will not go unnoticed. Keep up the good positive work..." J. Bota, Newsletter Editor 




Cornerstone has partnered with Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN to create modules in the business track courses for entrepreneurs in China. Cornerstone plans to teach the track in Beijing, China May 17-24, 2014.









  A 9m bronze statue of Tata Madiba (Nelson Mandela) stands at the County or Union Buildings in Petoria, So. Africa. "Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all." -- Nelson Mandela ( July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013)







Cornerstone has contracted with the International Right of Way Association to write a syllabus and train highly qualified instructors in the respective disciplines to produce a visual classroom much like Carol did for them in May, 2013. Additionally she redesigned their basic land principles course from an international perspective. She will also direct/coach these instructors during taping.The VEIT 100i will be directed and producted in Vancouver, BC April 22-24, 2014. Stay



Carol taught a one-day Conflict Management course in Cancun, Mexico. There were three students from the US (OK & TX) and twenty-two students from various locations in Mexico. Many real estate attorneys, civil engineers, surveyors, employees from local public agencies and consulting firms attended this course. All course materials were translated into Spanish. There was great interaction and participation amongst the entire class. Many thanks to Cesar Cantu and Carlos Salvador for the planning and organizing this course.





















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