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corner GALLERY

You're invited to view a few of Cornerstone's exciting speaking and teaching engagements.

We're honored to share our insights to inspire our audience to communicate effectively and to live joyously--both on and off the job.


Carol poses with International President, Maryanne Marr, SR/WA at Leadership Recognition dinner in Anchorage, AK for her service as Vice Chair of the Partnership for Infrastructure Professional Education


​Carol (right) was one of three presenters at the Love Rally for Women's Ministry in San Jose, CA











Carol taught two courses in Denver, CO. These photos were taken for one of the courses, C200: Principles in REal Estate Negotiations. Students ranged from employees for federal to local government agencies and various right-of-way consulting firms. The weather was unseasonably warm in February. Snow was quickly melting, which was fine for Carol's southern CA weather therometer.




This is a group photo of the Asset Management Department of the NAVFAC SE at Jacksonville, FL in September, 2012. Cornerstone delivered a week-series of two communication courses to civil servants, who are responsible for the acquisition, relocation and asset management of USNavy properties. Participants were from FL, VA and IL.





It was exciting to return to Seattle, WA in September, 2012 after being there on a business trip earlier in June. The view was spectacular from Pier 70, a few splashes away from Puget Sound in downtown Seattle. Carol was the keynote speaker at a business dinner meeting for a group of right-of-way professionals. Carol made a 40-minute presentation entitled, "How to Manage Your Success." She shared her own personal experience of how determination and motivation can blossom from tragedy and despair.

Carol also taught a three-day communication course at Olympia.



Cornerstone delivered a 75-minute presentation to the Young Professional Group at their annual meeting at the IRWA International Conference in June, 2012. The conference was held in Seattle, WA. Carol's presentation was entitled, "Communication in the Workplace--Strategies Discovered Later in My Career." Topics discussed were: Know Your Customers; Boss/Employee Relationships; Social Acceptance; Three Faces of Every Job; Teamwork; Bridging the Generation Gap; Conflict Resolution; Assertive Talk, Take the Higher Ground; and Focus on Your Purpose.



Photo taken with Barbara Billitzer at the international IRWA conference at Seattle in June, 2012. Barbara is the Chief Editor of Right of Way (ROW) Magazine, where Cornerstone authors a standing column entitled, "Back to Basics." Cornerstone has been a contributor since 2010 and writes on a variety of introspective topics, which helps readers to get "back to basics" in communication, negotiation, motivation, creativity and imagination. The circulation of ROW is over 10,000.




During the annual conference, Carol was a guest at a private party held at the Space Needle. Can you see Mt. Rainier in the background. The views were indescribable, the weather summerlike...no rain!





Aside from a week-long education conference, learning about hot topics and trends affecting right-of-way professionals, is reuniting with long-time friends. Carol was a guest at a Leadership Appreciation Dinner.








Carol made a brief presentation in May, 2012 at San Diego, CA at a business luncheon, where she encouraged attendees to become masters of their personal development. At this point, she emphasized, "Take charge of your personal best."









Carol attended her first meeting of SCORE in May, 2012 at Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Photo is taken with long-time friend and motivational speaker, Sarita Maybin. Sarita was the keynote speaker at the breakfast event. Her topic, "What Do You Say When You Can't Say Anything Nice?" Haven't we all heard this during our childhood...and I still--sometimes--have to remind myself of this golden nugget. 




Carol delivered a presentation entitled, "What You Bring to the Table" at a luncheon meeting in September, 2011. The emphasis was the value of life experience and if we allow them to groom us, to strengthen us, to make us better; then the voice we bring to the table is invaluable to others. Never discount who you are and where you came from.






Photo with Barbara Billitzer, Chief Editor of ROW Magazine while attending the international IRWA conference in Atlanta, GA on June, 2011. Carol also taught a 3-day course entitled, "SR/WA Review & Exam," for professionals earning the Senior designation.




Cornerstone organized a panel of right-of-way professionals to speak at the monthly meeting of the Real Estate Society at San Diego State Universityon May, 2011. The objective was to introduce college students in major study and career decisions.

Carol also made a presentation to the RES in September, 2010 entitled, "How to Manage Your Success in the Workplace."





Although Carol may appear terrified, she isn't. She's making a point during a presentation at a business luncheon in Portland, OR. The presentation in May, 2009 was entitled, "How to Stay Cool in the Heat of Conflict.

Other presentations were a half-day seminar on Interpersonal Communication, entitled, "How to Stay Afloat in the Workplace." Another luncheon presentation was entitled, "How to Manage Your Success."

She is a highly sought-after instructor for the Portland chapter since 2008.







Carol is teaching Bargaining Negotiations at Portland, OR during the winter of 2008. This was her first assignment in the Pacific Northwest.









Carol (3rd from right, front row) enjoys a spot in a photo with a *communication class at Irvine, CA in December, 2012.

* Course 219: Presentation, Instruction & Facilitation are for those interested in becoming an instructor, or an instructor needing recertification, or any one wanting to improve their presentation skill set.







As Keynote Speaker, Carol presented an emotional session at the South African Right of Way Association's Annual Conference, held in Johannesberg, SA on March 7, 2013.









Class picture of students attending Conflict Management in South Africa on March 6, 2013. Carol is in the front row, 5th from the right.

"Many cultural and religious issues confront individuals in African society, which pales our American experience while resolving conflict." --- Carol





 Carol (middle) met for a dinner meeting in September, 2013 at The Prado, in the imfamous Balboa Park in San Diego, CA with Barbara Billitzer (Left), ROW Magazine, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief, and Deidre Alves (Right), CLO-Professional Development, both of the IRWA.

Cornerstone has a standing column, Back to Basics, in the ROW Magazine, which was voted #1 in a July 2013 survey of its 10,000+ readership. We were also celebrating the completion of the highly successful VEIT project--the pilot video classroom.

The crowning event--a fun-filled dinner meeting at the outside terrace patio overlooking the gardens at fountain in Balboa Park.







Carol was the instructor for a communication course in Irvine, CA on December 5-6, 2013. Had folks from CO, WA and various locations in CA. It was a great great class.










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