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 Yes, there's alot I'm thankful for--the people who have entered my life path. Those who have stayed around to encourage, to support, to laugh, to cry, to shop. While others have left their footprints as guideposts for a difficult journey. But the one's who have taken me by surprise are those who have tiptoed into my life. They have taught me to live "alert"--recognizing the quiet giants who have the potential to bring unspeakable wisdom. Then, of course, there's family, who stick around whether they want to or not. And it's the spice of their lives that keeps me striving to be the best I can be.

 I’m thankful for my husband, Al, who introduced me to archery, kayaking, skiing and dry camping--still haven't gotten over that experience. And who, since 1973, has been my rock, my strong foundation; helping me to stay true to my destiny, and coaching me at every twist in the climb.

Most importantly, I am thankful for the fact that when people come and go, God never leaves or forsakes.  ---Carol L. Brooks



Carol L. Brooks has built an international audience with workshops and keynotes on conflict management, teambuilding workshops, interpersonal communication skills and success strategies. She addresses public and private sectors,  and professional associations. Her keen ability to understand people comes from her own journey through difficult life lessons. She has learned that these experiences are gifts that help groom us for the next level. And when we keep our vertical sights affixed, then our horizontal will become orderly, managable, fulfilled. Her favorite saying is by Ambrose Bierce, "Optimism. The doctrine or belief that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly."

Carol is a Master Instructor for the International Right-of-Way Association, training ethics, communication, negotiations, conflict management, alternate dispute resolution and the Instructor's Clinic. She received the IRWA's " Louise and Y. T. Lum Award, a prestigious award for outstanding contribution to education. She also is the recipient of the Mark A. Green Award for Journalistic Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Right of Way for publication of four articles entitled, "The Art of Successful Negotiations." She also received their award for the Balfour Professional of the Year Finalist. Carol was awarded the prestigious Louise & Y. T. Lum Award, for outstanding contribution to education acknowledged by the Right of Way International Education Foundation. She currently serves on the Editorial Board for Right of Way magazine, and writes a standing column entitled, Teambuilding. To access this publication visit www.irwaonline.org.

Carol's dream of publishing her first book, Uncharted Territory, became a reality in the fall of 2016. For more information, click the "cornerSTORE" link.

She is most proud of her contribution in coaching and mentoring upcoming leaders in professional associations and college students.

She and Al, and their new addition--a rescue, Lulu, min-schauzer/terrier mix live in Southern California. She enjoys reading, biking, kyayking, hiking and RVing. Their daughter, four sons and seven grandchildren bring enormous love, energy and fun. 


                                                                                           (Lulu and Carol are kyayking in June Lake, CA)






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