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​Motivational and inspirational speaker,

Carol Brooks, has warmed the hearts

of her audience with her wit, engaging

story-telling, and powerful tips to live

a balance-centered life, while focusing

​outside--selflessly--to the other person.




​How to Stay Cool in the Heat of Conflict: Conflict is a way of life, but a healthy attitude toward this foe can help us maintain our cool and personally benefit from the sometimes awkward experience. We'll explore our natural tendency of personal defense and how to reshape our mindset to focus on the other person's needs and concerns than upon ourselves.

​You've Got This! Tips to Creating Successful Outcomes: Effort plays a huge role in our ability to enjoy successful outcomes, but in this fast-paced world with its distractions and hardships, the often overwhelming realities of daily life may leave us feeling discouraged and uncertain about how to realize our hopes and dreams.  So, how can you breakout and experience your full potential? How can you take the limits off your thinking and see your life in a whole new way?

​How to Manage Your Success: This session will provide easy-to-follow principles to manage your success. We’ll explore: how mindset interacts with decision-making; mindset and effective leadership; and the affects of ego on state of mind. We will examine the behavior patterns of past business leaders, and how their viewpoints contributed to their successes. Attendees will learn methods to oversee their success that can minimize the sting of workplace frustration while maximizing payback of effective career management.

Interpersonal Skills: How to Stay Afloat in a Drowning Workplace: No time in Corporate America is the issue of interpersonal relationship skills become paramount to surviving the “new normal” in the workplace where expanding scopes of control and doing more with less has restructured the way we conduct ourselves and reshaped the strategic framework of how we achieve success. Attendees will learn the finess of assertive communication skills that improve interpersonal relationships, enhance effective leadership skills that impacts team strength and dealing with difficult people.

​What I Should Have Said, But Didn't: Elevating Your Communication Skills: A simple process of See-Adjust-Measusre will improve communication that focuses on an outwardly facing strategy based upon a common goal, common interest and common responsibility in interpersonal relationships. The key is to diffuse our own tendency toward self-focus and shift our sights to the other person's needs and concerns.


​Choose one of these frequently asked for topics as a keynote speaker or a workshop, or Carol can personalize a presentation to the specific needs of your organization. To arrange for Carol to speak at your next Corporate or Women's event, go to Contact Us.