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Career   Coach

Cornerstone offers personalized Career Coaching services for those facing career transitioning, frustration, professional development and career path advancement.

With over 35 years experience working for a large corporation, consulting firms, and owning two businesses, Carol Brooks understands the challenges in the workplace. During transition in her own career, she has asked the same types of questions you may be contemplating:

  •  Am I in a rut, or do I need a career change?
    • I need a change. What career should I pursue?
    • I need a change, but is the grass greener on the other side of the septic tank?
    • How can I fit my talents in a more productive way with the job I have now?
    • I need to update my resume, but I'm not a good writer. Can I get coached on how best to present my talents?
    • I've written my resume. Can I get a professional to edit my work?
    • I'm going for an interview. Can I get some solid tips on what I can do to demonstrate my best qualification without giving an info dump?
    • I want to focus on my professional development, but how do I get started?
    • It's tough to balance my worklife and my personal life. How can I be effective at both?
    • I just want to be heard. I need a sounding board about the frustrations I face at my job? Can I get confidential help and encouragement?
    • I'm at crossroads and don't know which path to chose. Can I get guidance to help me make the right decision?

Consider Career Coaching from Cornerstone Management Skills. We can create one or more sessions to fit your schedule and match your need. The following are testimonals from professionals, who sought Cornerstone for their career coaching, training needs.


"I consider Carol Brooks a friend and a dedicated teacher and career counselor. Over the years I have appreciated her insight and advice when I was looking at job changes and or career moves.  She is ethical and truly cares about doing the best she can for the people she works with.   She was also there when my sweet Joshua died and I had such a hard time afterwards.   She suggested that I should create a "new normal" for my life.  Joshua had taken so much time with his health issues, I didn’t know what to do with my time now that he was gone.  So I created a new normal.  That statement helped me.  I appreciate her abilities and skills in the communication field." ---  K. Carol, Portland OR

"Being new to the Right-Of-Way profession, I benefited greatly from Carol's coaching and experience. Her insights helped me formulate an education gameplan, and develop a successful career search strategy . Carol's ongoing interest and follow up has also been appreciated." --- E. Pfursich III, Nixa MO 

"After getting laid off, I dug out my resume and discovered it needed alot of work. I updated it, but felt it needed to be written in a way that would catch the attention of a potential employer. Cornerstone Management Skills not only made it look more professional, they helped me to remember important education and volunteer records I had omitted. I was very pleased with the final product. AND I got the job I really wanted." --- B. Hampton, Salt Lake City, UT

‚Äč"I recently finished and passed course 100 in short amount of time with the help of Carol. She helped me understand the material and so much more and I felt confident in taking that exam. This is a whole new industry for me and with her help, I feel confident now pursuing more classes so I can advance my career.” ----J. S. Quiroz, Ft.Worth-Dallas, TX.


To contact Cornerstone for a complimentary interview, click the "Contact Us" link. We look forward to working with you.

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