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"On behalf of everyone at the Real Estate Society of SDSU (San Diego State University), I want to thank you for taking the time out of not only your busy life to provide us with a stellar presentation. There has already been a great deal of positive feedback from those whom attended. We all have a feeling of inspiration and know that we will be thinking of your tips to push us forward in our careers. In RES, our primary goals are to help students realize business skills that are not taught in the classroom, and to advise students for their careers in the future. Your insights provided us with what we should be considering not only in our professional pursuits but also in our lives." --- S. Rajabi, President, Real Estate Society-San Diego State University 
"Hope to see you back in South Africa some time. You have such a powerful message; I wish it could be shared with all South Africans." --- T. Van Vuuren 
"We appreciate your dedication to developing better r/w professionals out there, especially in the utility world.  Your article about lessons learned came at a very opportunistic time for me, and I believe it's already been circulated throughout (and beyond) our r/w department.  Keep 'em coming!" --- J. Altschuler
"I can't thank you enough, let me say that again, enough, for just who you are and how you are.  It was a great experience to work with you and be taught by you.  You are so passionate about our profession and about teaching. And, it comes across so positively in the classroom.  Your organization in both material and thought process made the classroom experience comfortable and the learning, a positive experience - easy to get a grasp the material.  Thank you for all your support." --- M. Wetzel


"Carol doesn't just "teach" participants in her class, she forms a bond with them that reaches far beyond the classroom. She shares her heart as well as her knowledge with the participants, which, in turn, creates a positive atmosphere for learning that keeps them wanting to come back for more." --- G. Snodgrass


"Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful experience at the recent IRWA C219 class.  I learned so much on so many levels, it is hard to put into words. The class gave me valuable insights that I can apply to my day-to-day activities.  Thanks so much for your inspiration." --- G. Hall


"Your class was very helpful and productive for me and I am very glad I took it." --- K. McBay


"I wouldn’t be able to be the best Right of Way Agent I can be without your courses and expert knowledge, it’s greatly appreciated! " --- E. Hernandez


​"I truly enjoy your work – your lessons and words of wisdom have helped me tremendously, as a professional and personally. " --- M. Perez


"Thank you Carol, you are my ray of sunshine. this is just what I was needing today – Bless you (3rd Qtr Newsletter, "In the Midst of Chaos, You can Claim Your Moment") --- J. Pinther


"I love your Corner Stone writings they are so inspiring and give me direction." --- K. Anderson


"It was my honor attending your courses, especially the principles of negotiations.  Due to the fact that one of my strong weaknesses are maintaining verbal communications and communicating in a group.  The wisdom you provided has provided me confidence to improve on my communication skills." --- M. Ngo 


"I sure enjoy your insightful articles.  Please keep sending them my way." --- R. Watkins


"Enjoyed this recent training immensely (as usual).  You make people think a little ‘deeper’ than they necessarily … want to go… and that’s a GOOD thing! : --- J. Price


"Thank you the class was great. You are an awesome instructor. You do well to incorporate stories with the lessons which not only makes for retaining the information a bit easier but makes things more fun." --- V. Minasyan


"It was my pleasure attending your class, I did learn a lot, and I enjoyed your method of teaching very much." --- H. Shalaby


"I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and speaking with you.  You did a tremendous job covering all of the disciplines.  Your preparedness made the time flow flawlessly. " --- D. McNickol


“Thank you so much for the wonderful classes.  I really enjoyed your class and really felt I learned a wealth of knowledge.   I am a horrible test taker, but I truly felt like I left knowing a lot more than when I came in, so thank you for that! “ --- C. Burgess


Thank you for the excellent class! I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely.” --- A. Stolpe, 


“You’re such a good storyteller. I think I got equal parts empathy and acquisition training. Very enjoyable! Thank you!” --- S. Morrison


"I really enjoy your classes.  I feel spoiled that I have been allowed to take several with you." --- R. Hardesty


"You were a great instructor but I really think you are a great person with a good sense of humor and don't take things overly serious as life is short, so enjoy it.  At least that was my perception." --- J. Horgan


"It was such a pleasure to sit at your feet, I learned new things about myself and found the class to be extremely valuable in general. In talking with other classmates, the consensus was, the knowledge helped us in life and work situations. Forever Grateful," --- L. Bradshaw


"I just want to thank you for the excellent course 100 in Seguin TX. last week. I was worried that a four day class would be so much information in a short time and I would lose focus and not be in the moment. However, with your experience and teaching methods you made the class more than what I could have hoped for so thank you. " --- C. Whitehead


From the Education Chair in Denver, CO: "Everyone I’ve heard from has been raving about you as an instructor.  They all love the enthusiasm and passion you bring to the classroom.  Thanks for coming to Denver to teach these courses.  You are fantastic." --- J. Vaughn


"Thank you Carol. You continue to be the highest requested instructor for our chapter and once again it was a great experience. The way you can step away from the course material and get us engaged in sharing is my favorite part of your classes." --- M. Murray


"You always have a way of making your students feel so special." --- P. Villa


"Thank you so much for being a great teacher. You were a joy to have as an instructor." ---J. Vanden Akker


"I really enjoyed the class – it was a fun two days and just what I was hoping for in regards to receiving a more formal understanding of techniques and process. And I loved all your stories! Thanks again." --- R. Young 


"I wanted to thank you for the refreshing (and humorous) presentation you gave at our monthly business luncheon meeting. Good Job!!" --- M. Flanagan


"The course was excellent and I got a lot out of it.  People are asking me how it went and I am telling them that I highly recommend the class.  I hope to participate in future classes that you instruct." --- J. Vargas


"I really enjoyed your class.  You’re an awesome instructor and I learned a lot because you made it fun and funny.  I hope to take more classes you teach in the future." --- D. Mori


"I will keep an eye for some of your future trainings, you are a great instructor and very knowledgeable about the subjects." --- J. Cedeno


"As I am sure you are well aware, to be a successful marketer, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the industry one is in. The way you described each situation and paired it with a real-life scenario made the class very relatable and easy to visualize." --- E. Ruiz


"Upon returning to the office, I recommended your class to several of my colleagues.  Thank you for the valuable learning experience, and thank you for taking the time to get to know each of us during your lunch break." --- J. Bates


"Thank you so much for everything, I truly enjoyed your style of teaching.  I had so much fun and learned things that I will most certainly apply to my job and personal life as well. I appreciate everything so very much!!!" --- E. Espinoza


"I am looking forward to attending another course and hopefully you will be at the helm. You are very knowledgeable and funny." --- S. Idrogo 


​"It was a pleasure taking your classes again.  You keep the classes alive and never a dull minute."---M. Laguna


"You are such a wonderful person and an amazing teacher. I will try to sign up for any class you are teaching here in Phoenix so I can have the chance to be in your company and learn from you. You make what you do look so easy! That is skill, talent and a beautiful spirit." --- R. Waxberg  


​"I had heard some really great things about you as an instructor, but have never had the pleasure of being in any of your classes until the other week.  I really enjoyed your class"---R. Sachs  


​"You are a great and an effective instructor." ---G. Yassine


"Thank you so much for sending these beautiful words that sooth the soul and encourage us to raise the mirror of life to see where we have been, how far we have come,  and if in fact we have moved at all." --- C. Smith, from the 2nd qtr 2019 Reflections issue


​"You have a positive spin on life’s obstacles and it’s an inspiration.  We get it." ---K. Mitchell


"I found your instruction, informative and your candor very refreshing and enjoyable.  Your wonderful stories put the “icing on the cake”.  Everyone agrees that you are a top notch instructor." ---K. Pettigrew


​"I really enjoyed your energy and the way you connected with the whole class." ---R. Bobst


"Your inner beauty always shines through & enhances your outer beauty. Your beautiful smile and wisdom always warms my inner soul." ---C. Hartman


​"You are an excellent teacher, and just good positive insight on life.  I found myself in awe of the fact that when I took your class in San Diego five years ago I was going through a struggle and something you said stayed with me and became one of my mantras as I moved forward.  This time, again, I have some life struggles and there you were with more positive insight for me to walk away with – whether you knew it or not. ---J. Furrow


"AWESOME job with the class!  I enjoyed every moment.  You reached every participant, where they were, and unified the group." --- C. MacDonald


"Your lifetime of experience comes through in YOUR brilliant teaching." --- M. Walls


"It's always great to be in a training room with a true professional like you!" --- D. Sayler


"You are a world-class instructor - your personality, demeanor, and depth of experience add up to a winning combination!" --- M. Stahly 


"You are an awesome instructor that our Chapter is very fortunate to have a relationship with." --- M. Murray


"I always love taking your classes because of your unique sense of humor! Please don’t stop teaching (anytime soon😊). --- J.Moser


"I would like to thank you for coming to Fargo to teach the class. I enjoyed the class and your teaching, both informational and participation for the class. I am looking forward to other classes taught by you." --- J.Sandau


"I really enjoy reading your newsletters, but this one I exceptional enjoyed. Thank you for putting things into perspective! I have a 5 month old son and went back to work full time two months ago…it has been difficult to find a balance so reading this has helped me." --- A. Khanwani


"I really appreciate that you are not afraid to throw in your own personal messages throughout our classes.  Since the class I have really heard your message about “gifts…” What may seem like a challenge is ALWAYS a Gift!  Thank you for your matter of fact proclamation!" --- C. Nickerson


​"I must say I was absolutely dreading sitting in class for three days in a row (one day is usually all I can handle. But you did such a great job keeping my attention, I learned a lot, it was interesting, and the time flew by!" --- D. Tyler


​"Thank you for a great talk/presentation at our business luncheon today.  I received a lot of positive feedback about your talk from the Water Authority folks. Thanks again!" --- N. Von Gymnich


"'Lost and Found' (4th qtr 2014 eNewsletter) was a true blessing, thank you for sharing." --- J. Bowers


"I was fortunate enough to take the course “Principles of Real Estate Negotiations” from you in Bismarck, ND. I was so impressed with you and the gift you had for teaching.  I learned a lot in your course. I just read “Bless This Mess”.  I just want to let you know what a great job you’re doing, and want to thank you for the inspiration." --- B. Faiman


"It is an honor to say that I am one of your students and if I have it my way, I'll be sitting in every class you instruct." --- L. Perryman 


​"You kept the class interesting and informational at the same time. Thank you," --- I Tanori


"I must say, you were well-versed and in my opinion a great instructor. Hopefully one day I will be able to sit in on another class you teach. I had a good time and learned a lot. I cannot wait to apply the knowledge I gained in the real world." --- B. Thompson 


"It is very important that I mention how invaluable and inspiring your articles are to most of us here in SA (South Africa). I always look forward reading your warm and encouraging articles coming from you." --- J. Boya


"I also want to take the time to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter (1st qtr 2015)...I truly connect with your inspirational & positive perspective..." --- A. Kulikoff


"I always learn something new from your class and apply it to my work assignments.  Sharing your personal experiences with property owners has been helpful in how to deal with my property owners." --- M. Salinas


"I always enjoy classes more when I get something out of them and I definitely got something out of yours and have already put some of it to work here in Cheyenne." --- D. Rhodes


"Thanks for being such a fun and knowledgeable instructor.  I certainly enjoy your classes and would love to take one again in the future! " - T. Nelson


"I was excited that you were teaching the class.  Your classes are always fun and engaging.  I got my pass grade today so all is good there!!" - L. Brekkestran


"As usual you do an awesome job. Always so good to see you and love to hear your inspirations.   I love the newsletter you send out some of your aspirations are so great. But love some of your stories and to look at things in a positive manner really does make a difference." --- K. Andersson


​"I thought you were an awesome teacher and I enjoyed your class. I felt the material was very relevant to things I am personally developing and working on myself. I hope our paths do cross, and I am going to be looking for your name when I do sign up for more IRWA courses in the future." --- J. Paquette


"I really enjoyed being in your class! You are an excellent teacher and presenter. Thank you for taking such care in teaching the acquisition class. I can really tell that you love teaching—it’s definitely a gift to those of us who are your students." --- M. Van Alstine


"You helped us push our comfort zones in a safe and supported environment." --- J. Hughson


"I really enjoyed your class-mostly due to your enthusiasm and presentation skills.  You are a great motivator.  Made me want to strive for even more in my life.  I have read a little of you book and what I have read is great." --- D. Petersen


Thank you for the note and I must say that it is I who should say Thank You for coming to Maple Grove, Mn on such a cold week to share your knowledge and insights.  Your class was very interesting and your manner of presentation made the content come to life.  I must say that you were perhaps the most insightful instructor I've had for some time now.  You were able to verbalize many situations I had experienced in the classroom, so you presented lots of "AH HA" moments for me.  You are truly a "Master" instructor." --- R. Dickson  


"You've worked hard uplifting us spiritually, Carol." --- B. Walsh


"Thank Carol, I stop what I am doing just to read your newsletter you are so right on about it (2nd qtr 2017, Bless This Mess). ​ --- K. Anderson 


​"Thanks Carol. I enjoyed your approach to the material." --- T. Rowe


"Thanks for a great class. It’s amazing how much of it I have been able to apply to my everyday life and relationships. " --- E. Hone


"Thank you for having me in class and being so engaging and easy to listen to. I would cheerfully sign up for another class with you and hope to have the opportunity to do so some time." --- N. Bushaw


"I really enjoyed your class not only was it educational, but very fun and interesting! Don’t think I’ve ever said that about a four day class." --- M. Houchin


"In preparation to sit for the SRWA exam this fall, I chose as my last course your recent VEIT production of 213.  You brought a level of confidence, poise and sheer class to the production and course I've never experienced with any other instructor.  The chemistry you bring to the viewer is fantastic!  Thanks for being IRWA's "guinea pig" with that first VEIT release!  You are making a big difference in this industry!" --- A. Banks

"We always enjoy having you, Carol!  It is so wonderful to know when planning a course that we will be getting an amazing, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable instructor!" --- M. Leadholm


"I really enjoyed the class (in North Dakota).  You made it so interesting and fun! You are definitely an inspiration to me and I feel very fortunate to have met you!" --- S. Vetter


"Life is a journey and along that journey we meet people who leave footprints…For me, you are one of those people. The footprints you have left in my life are something that I take with me everywhere I go. Thank you for being a guiding light in my life." --- K. Hammons


"Thank you for the kind words.  When I mentioned to a few colleagues that I was taking a class from you they all spoke on how great you were and that I was going to learn a lot.  I was not disappointed.  Being so new to this field, this class was such a great experience and will contribute greatly to my growth in R/W." --- B. Garcia


"Thanks Carol – Awesome Class!!!! You are a great role model to follow for instructing.  Your appearance, your speaking, your ability to teach.  Awesome! I hope to see you at a course in the near future." --- R. Bell


"I just wanted to thank you for teaching the SR/WA study class.  I was nervous about taking it, but after your class and taking the test – I think I passed.  (I hope anyway). You did a great job going over things and explaining...I look forward to taking another class from you. Thanks again!" --- A. Hulbert


"I enjoyed the article and your class.  I have told others to take it if they get a chance.  Keep up the positive attitude and sharing these thoughts." --- R. Dickson


"I want to thank you for your words of encouragement on forgiveness, and for gratitude when things get a little hair raising." --- N. Carlsmith


"I thoroughly enjoyed your class and you’re techniques for engaging were superb. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I was always on the edge of my seat, listening, so I wouldn’t miss a word!" --- J. Moser


"Thank you Carol. Words to live by and especially what I needed to read at this very moment. I've been unhappy in the last few weeks in my work situation and those negative thoughts impact my attitude and body language. I just met with some unhappy property owners this morning and felt road rage on my way back to the office. I decided to pull off to a Starbucks and sit for a while to calm myself. Then here comes your message (4th qtr 2013 eNewsletter). Impeccable timing my friend." --- TK


"Thank you so much for all the encouragement and guidance during the C219 class.  I enjoyed the experience and the chemistry that I felt between you and my classmates." --- M. Hebert


"I found the class to be informative, awaking and very helpful in my professional and personal life.  Thanks for your time, expertise and professionalism." --- T. Johnson


"Thank you Carol for the reminder to set aside time for me;  I took 5 minutes to meditate this morning in a conference room at the office--changed my perspective and energy." --- M. Sayler


"Your words are always very insightful and I enjoy reading your material. You speak my language ;0). I am glad that you are busy and loving your career. You are good at what you do, so it does not surprise me that you are in demand." --- B. Sullivan


​"You made the material easy to understand and apply.   I know I will be able to use the skills I learned at work and in life." --- I. Hobbs


"Thanks for sharing your insights in the class.  I learned so much from your feedback and from watching your instructional style.  You are a very inspirational instructor." --- J. Vaughn


"Thank you for the instruction.  C201 was by far the best class I have taken from IRWA, thanks to you!" --- D. Gabel 


"Thank you for sending your newsletter. This came at such an appropriate time for me. I love reading your articles they are always insightful." --- S. Spandler


"I am no longer in ROW. I felt the need to challenge myself haha!! But I continue to enjoy your newsletter and all of the knowledge that I gained from you has been paying off for me." --- K. Hammons


"Please continue to spread what you preach and believe.  There are some things that classroom text can not teach and mold to become a competent Right of Way Agent.  Your insight and experiences hone on the parts each agent needs to know. " --- G. Fernandez


"I really enjoyed your article in the March/April 2013 issue. You are right, there are people who have been strategically placed in our paths and one of them is you, Carol Brooks, and I thank God for that." --- M. Mafumo


"For me, the May/June issue, Work Smarter Not Harder" was the right article at the right time. Thank you." --- D. Knezevic


"Your uplifting motivation is much missed in Mississippi! Don't you need to come back to teach a course? :) Thanks for your newsletters. I use them for self-assessments quite regularly." --- T. Scott


 “I want to say how much I enjoy your inspirational missives. They often help me deal with a difficult situation in my personal and professional life. Thanks for the effort you put into developing and sending these out to all of your friends and professional colleagues. Take care” – D. Robb


"I also enjoyed the class and feel like I learned quite a lot from it. In my opinion, you put on a very good class and it is enjoyable as well." --- D. Brechan


"It was great meeting you last week! Your course was very informative and I look forward to the opportunity to take another one of your courses in the future. Thank you for being a great instructor!" --- A. Enriquez


"I am so glad you wrote on this subject of play in the 4th quarter newsletter.   I recently did some research on the benefits of laughter in the work place. There are so many benefits to laughter and having fun. The trick is having fun in the work place and still being productive. Research shows that laughter in the work place actually increases productivity.

"The seven people that I work directly with are separated by cubical walls.   We are very lucky to have a lot of laughter to break up the tensions that we can all feel from time to time.  We recently had a birthday party (during break time of course) for one of them with balloons, party hats, and a variety of miniature toys for the office space.  Our small group of Real Estate “professionals” has had a bowling tournament with plastic pins and can be seen from time to time flying paper airplanes with messages to one another.  These spontaneous games and interactions have built a wonderful team environment and make me look forward to another day working with my co-workers.  Often times, the laughter is about our work and makes it easier to work through difficult problems. 

"Thank you for confirming my belief that playing games is not just for children, but makes life as adults much more fun throughout the day." --- C. Grayson
"Nice reminder, thank you from the March/April 2013 issue.  I like the True North theory-- in particular the farmer's example-- it takes planning, small progress steps, patients, and care to raise a successful crop, not waiting until the last minute and expecting results." --- M. Salyer
“Thank you and keep those wonderful articles coming our way.  You’re an inspiration and I’m so glad I got to meet you personally in Deadwood!  Hope our paths cross in the future! --- V. Severson
"I always enjoy your classes very much. You have a wonderful gift and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to benefit from it. I enjoy your newsletter and I always look forward to reading it, sometimes it makes me laugh and other times it makes me take a look at myself." --- K. Hammon
"I thoroughly enjoyed your class. It’s been my favorite thus far. I appreciate that you put allot of “YOU” in the class which makes it both insightful and personal." --- C. Edwards 
"The class was excellent, I gained new knowledge and skills.  Thank you very much!" --- A. Lambert


"It was great having you for our instructor at these classes.  The course content was very good, but what was most valuable is the way you delivered the message!  You have a great sense of humor, while at the same time you held to the serious nature of the material.  Your positive outlook is contagious.  I learned a lot those 4 days.  Even the exercises were enlightening, it exposed us to how other agents might handle things. I had heard from everyone at MDOT that you were an amazing instructor, and you lived up to your reputation.  Your passion for what you do is evident.  Hopefully you will be back to teach again soon." --- T. Eisen


"Carol Brooks is a gifted instructor. She encourages class participation and keeps the subject and education process interesting. I have been a member of the IR/WA since the early 1970's and wish that the quality of the earlier instructors could compare to Carol Brooks." --- C. Fullerton
"Carol, your article in the new issue (Jan-Feb, 2014) can only be describe in glowing terms (again!). Finding one’s voice is possibly one of the most significant missions that any person can pursue. Your article explores it with insight, compassion, and clarity. Thank you for this gift among your many." --- E. Opstein
"Your style of running courses made my choice to take your courses a no-brainer...Your teaching style makes me want to teach others...Maybe you don’t  realize it but your speaking, training and authoring rubs off in such a positive way that I enjoy talking to you in a way that I’ve learned a lot about “presentation”... --- P. Nash
"Out of all the IRWA classes I've taken, yours was by far the best." --- C. Haiar
(Communication courses taught in MS) "Maybe we will cross paths sooner than later, because you're a great instructor and genuine person." --- K. Young
"I told my supervisor all about your class and how inspiring it was to me on multiple levels and how thankful I was that they approved my trip to California because I really needed to learn from someone like you." --- S. Hadley 
"Carol, awesome cornerstone.   I just cleared the 4 year old energy that was running m y life.   I have felt truly happy from the inside, not the outside in.   your newsletter is about taking the step to change or change your perception.  It was perfect.  I changed my perception and it has completely changed me.  I am just discovering who I am now.  I feel good.  It has been a  long time and I just feel Ok.  It is a place of freedom I haven’t had before." --- K. Carol
"Thank you for sharing this amazing article in the March/April 2013 issue. I've hung it above my desk to remind me to follow your counsel. I truly believe you are someone who has "been strategically placed along" my life path." --- C. Edwards 
"Thanks, Carol.  The 4th qtr., 2012 eNews, "Let's Play" came to me at a good time - just the message I needed to hear!" --- K. Larson
"I thoroughly enjoyed your inspired message. A man that I admire very much once said, "Be kind, and be grateful that God is kind. It is a happy way to live." Jeffrey R. Holland. I think that is what you're talking about, at least that is what came to mind as I read your message. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I always look forward to the inspirational quotes you use." --- M. Savage 
 “Thank you, Carol. As always, I enjoy reading your articles...always gives me something to think about.” --- K. Chen
"Nice article (March/April 2013 issue).  You are so insightful… I pass these on to my sons in hopes they can absorb the information at the ages of 18 and 21…" --- T. Peterson
"Thank you for both taking the time to help me access this article and in a larger sense, for having dedicated your life’s work in service to those who ‘labor long and hard in the garden’ not for righteousness but for lives that are meaningful and uplifting.  Thank you for caring." --- L. High
“Thanks for your positive outlook, you practice what you preach and always make my day a little better with your suggestions.” --- T. Pistole
“Great article Carol! You’ve captured an attitude I’m sure many people acquire in a multitude of professions! Thanks for the encouragement! Keep up the good work!” --- J. Hutter
"I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your classes, and cannot wait for you to come back to Mississippi. You have a genuine gift for keeping students alert and entertained throughout the class. This sets your classes apart from any of the others that I have attended." --- T. Scott 
"I want you to know the Alternate Dispute Resolution class you taught here in Texas was marvelous. You certainly have a gift for teaching and allowing the class to "teach" itself by facilitating the cross-communication. I learned a great deal in your class." --- C. Harding
"Your course was wonderful, I feel I came away with some valuable information and tools to use for the future.  I'd love to attend another one of your courses." --- K. Duursma
"Another very nice piece! (4th qtr eNews)  I don't know how you manage it, but your newsletter topics are always right-on for whatever is going on in my day when I read them.  As with the others, it's printed for review/refresh times." --- L. Reisner 
"Thanks for your leadership, strong support and acknowledgment. I truly appreciate your spirit and positive energy." --- D. Burns
"You were so fun. Your "war stories" interesting, and you made the course one I would take again if you were the Facilitator." --- V. King 
“Great article as always Carol. It’s funny how life works. This is not the first time that I’ve received your article after some not so great event in my life. Reading your article always puts everything back into perspective. Keep up the great work.” --- S. Munkvold
"Just got my IRWA magazine (Jan/Feb issue, 2011) and read your article, "Disarm the Power: Dealing with Difficult People."  And wanted to let you know that I think it contained some great advice. I found the seven tips very relevant in dealing with those few people we all run across now and then who are not interested in problem solving, just ranting and raving about the project, organization, etc. I have been in this profession for 12 years and still struggle at times in dealing with these types of people. I highlighted several of your suggestions and will keep them close at hand for future reference. Thanks!" --- K. Wittman
"Thank you for your interactive teaching methods and your giveaways. It is always great to have fun while we learn. " --- A. Khanwani 
"It is always refreshing and encouraging to read your article. Thank you for including me." --- M. Harris
"I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your Quarterly eNews. Thanks for this little bit of positivity in my inbox. Thank you." --- B. Vasquez
"I especially enjoyed your presentation and thoughts.  Do you have an essay or summary from your talk that I may share with my 25 year old son, who is going through some things right now?  I would so much appreciate sharing this with him." --- K. Hider
"Much of what you talked about at the IRWA luncheon in Portland, OR, resonated with me and I admire your frankness in sharing personal aspects of your life in relation to managing success. Three of your success points came up for me at the luncheon meeting and it was interesting to watch it unfold and then use your advice to learn from each experience, to walk in someone else’s shoes and realize the significance of their stories, and to find areas to become an expert in. Overall, your talk was concise, well organized and provided insight into managing success in all aspects of our daily lives. 
Your early struggles and reasons for wanting to show your daughter a better way illustrated how challenges often seem enormous and insurmountable so it’s good to see positive role models who provide a welcome ray of hope." --- D. Elpel


As always it was a great pleasure to be part of your classes.”   --- J. Lingeman


"You are a remarkable person and I feel fortunate to have met you.  You provide great insight, experiences, and information (in your courses).  --- M. Turkovich


"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your articles in the ROW Mag. every month.  In fact, after underlining, highlighting and placing astericks beside important points, I usually end up removing your articles and placing them in my notebook of important ROW info. Many thanks for these articulate, insightful, and informative pieces." --- B. Walsh


"Read your article in the May/June 2011 issue of the Right of Way Magazine.  I think you did an awesome job!  It’s nice to be reminded that being flexible help us with challenges we face every day.  Thank you." --- F. Vicente 


"I really enjoyed your class and stories, your personality is awesome made class enjoyable and learning fun. " --- C. Calderilla


"I really enjoy your classes.  Can't wait for your next class." --- L. Farah


"I really enjoyed taking your class.  It was very informative.  I'm hoping that in the future I have the opportunity to take another class from you." --- R. Rubalcaba


"This is such a good article (Something to Look Forward to...or Not)--as you always provide. Thanks so much for sending them online. I usually copy them off and put them a special file I keep." --- B. Deming


 "The Bargaining Negotiations and Conflict Mgmt classes were 4**** star as usual with you at the helm. I'm glad I was able to take them. Good info and techniques gained for my bag of tools at work and personal use." --- F. Coleman


 "Thank you for giving the class.  I thought it was excellent and gave me alot of exposure what were my major concerns for acquisitions.  Thank you for the feedback on my practice negotiation as well, it is very appreciated since I have had no practical application of the process before that." --- C. Davis


"Great class, well worth the time and expense." --- D. Lewis 


 "I have to say it was a true pleasure to participate in your classroom experience. You have developed an engaging curriculum that helps keep student attention focused and even turn mundane subjects into a fun learning encounter. Seems like throughout the entire classroom period you were pulling out some...creative demonstration. I certainly look forward to further classes with you and would most certainly recommend any of your classes to PG&E personnel." --- T. Summers 


 "I really enjoyed taking your class. I felt I learned a lot and it was actually fun! Thanks so much." --- R. Sanchez 


"Just a note to say how much I enjoy your website. It has been an incredibly stressful two weeks for me with a project I'm working on. Just can't seem to please anyone, not the client, not the property owner. I take it home with me and worry and loose sleep. Something I have to stop. Reading your website gives me the lift I need and keeps me focused on the big picture and reminds me not to take life so seriously. So, thank you for your hard work and efforts for us." --- T. Kahlen


"ALWAYS a pleasure to see you and take your class.  You are always so well-prepared and I appreciate the thought and time you put in to make the class interesting and engaging...Keep up the great work and I look forward to your continued newsletter and positive encouragement!

"You are ALWAYS professional, prepared and keep the class very well engaged!   In my opinion you set the standard for what all facilitators should be! --- S. Turner


"I endorsed you (LinkedIn) based upon input from others close to me and I feel that we should support each other to help push each other through life goals in the most positive means possible. One word of support can be the strength you need to succeed. Be blessed." --- W. Bell


"You always get me thinking deeper instead of just trying to skim the surface to keep from sinking. --- D. Abney 


 "I just wanted to say, how much I enjoyed your article in the most recent IRWA Magazine regarding how difficult circumstances can develop into encouraging experiences.  This article was especially relevant as I've had recent conversations with a distressed property owner... I wanted to applaud you and your accomplishments.  You also have a tremendous sense of style." --- M. Gossett


"I loved your article on Disarming the Power of Difficult People.  Thank you so much!   I will use these tools this afternoon when I meet a very difficult property owner.  Great advice. " --- N. Mazzeo


"You did a very good job on your presentation and you are right, everyone does have something unique to offer."--- D. Narramore


"I was so excited about getting to take another class from you I could hardly contain my excitement.  You are such a dynamic speaker and your joyfulness is toxic, so many things that you say just resonate in my soul.  Your classes always leave me ‘filled’!" --- B. Howe


 "I really enjoyed your classroom energy. You have a way of really engaging people and bringing them to life. I think you're the kind of speaker that can really grab an audience. Your passion cultivates an interest and your real life success stories are inspiring, they provide priceless insight into my job." --- Z. Svelling


"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Conflict Management Newsletter...the information regarding conflict management and leadership has been very helpful to me through my first year as a Principal and now as I enter my second year as an elementary Principal. Your messages are timely for the challenges I deal with whether it is parents, staff or students. So often in our professional lives we do not receive recognition or appreciation for things that we do and we often wonder if we are making a difference. I want you to know that you are making a difference and I look forward to your newsletters. Great job! Thank you for what you are doing." --- L. Swango


"I really enjoyed your presentation today. It was excellent, well spoken with heart, and you looked great!"--- L. Galvin


“You really live what you speak.” --- D. Chico


“You were so wonderful to put our luncheon into your busy schedule.  So many of our members enjoyed your talk.  PLEASE, if you are back this way, let me know and we'll schedule you to speak again."  --- J. Duchscherer



"I loved the 4th Qtr. Edition of Cornerstone's eNews and your quote was my favorite...'Life is full of tweaks...and the journey is full of surprises...Life's journey strengthens us even if there are damaging moments.'...Thanks for the meditation." ---  G. Fischetti


"Love the changes to the site and especially the daily blog." --- R.  Ford


"You were a great instructor and I appreciate the advice that you gave me at the beginning of the course...I took it to heart and will keep it in my mind..." --- B. Barrow 

"Another very fascinating writing…  The (Sept/Oct published article) Power of “E” brings to mind the possibil “e” ty of how we can shape our future.  While there are numerous “E’s” to choose from, pick one, focus on it and strive to be your best under that word… Remember, as Carol states, excellence is a journey…  Most of all, be sure you enjoy the journey!" --- L. Hamada, Director of Revenue Management, Hilton Inn, as written to his management team
"Thank you for reminding us that it’s not how we start, but how we finish." --- K. Kalapp 
"I don't know how you always seem to write (in your newsletter) about what is in my head at the minute but you really REALLY do help me...a lot!" ---  D. Abney
"I enjoy you as an instructor.  You take care of your audience and engage the participants, and make the subject interesting.  I thank you for not making me feel like a prisoner to get my credit hours.  Thank you." --- L. Slye
"Awesome Cornerstone.  It really hit home for me.   Thank you.  You are always such an inspiration for me." --- K. Carol
"I love opening my e-mail and having a little ‘treasure’ from you. I enjoyed this…thanks!"  --- M. Harrison
"Excellent advice & commentary, Carol on 'What's the Real Story.' It is also well-written. Thank you! I will definitely think about this the next time I encounter a person who seems 'difficult' or 'unreasonable' as a first impression." --- J. Case-Rady
"I had a moment to review your Power of E article.  You are amazing, and know that I will continue to visit your site.  I have opportunities to teach others now, and simply reading things I know but said by another is so inspiring. " --- L. Reiser 

"Your comments and insight in this article (The Power of "E") are wonderful! Would you mind if I sent this article on for publication in our newsletter?"
 "I just wanted to let you know that receiving your articles is like a bright spot in a day that can seem very gray. You are truly an inspiration and I love your insight! (I also love the new format!)--- P. Flaig
I just wanted to let you know that receiving your articles is like a bright spot in a day that can seem very gray. You are truly an inspiration and I love your insight! (I also love the new format!)" 
"I so enjoyed your article & have shared it with friends who have experienced drastic work place or organizational changes over which they had no control Quite a shock as you describe. So, I have applied the sway factor to some extent already, but your article goes further. Thank you for sharing it! " --- J. C. Rady
"Congratulations on another great e-News. I thoroughly enjoyed it." --- L. Crommett
"I'm enjoying your Cornerstone quarterly newsletter, I feel myself taking a deep breath for the day after I read it! Thank you Carol." --- C. Voyles

“I loved the class and learned a lot.  Your style of presenting was right up my alley and made it even more enjoyable.  Your personal touch and experiences made the course material more of a reality for me." --- T. Cassity
"It was and is an honor to have had you as an instructor." --- R. Engstrom
“Thanks so much for your newsletter. The notion of dealing with 'stinkin thinkin' is especially relevant for me today...I need to remember that I cannot always control what happens to me. I can only control how I respond.”--- L. High
“It was definitely the best class I’ve had so far. You were great!" --- S. Sousa
“I just wanted to say thanks for your last newsletter. It's funny how you read things right when you need to- and I definitely needed to hear that it is okay to fail at times- and to not kick myself when I do!” --- K. Austin
“You are an excellent teacher!  Your class was by far the best I have attended!!...I am so glad I could attend the luncheon and hear your speech!  Very well done!!!” --- L. Sorenson 
"Thank you for coming to present at our organization. You honestly speak from the heart and are truly inspirational. " --- T. Massie, Executive Director, Real Estate Society, San Diego State University
"Your session on 'How to Manage Your Success' was worth my trip to Calgary." --- J. S.  
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