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Are You Ready to Embark Upon an Amazing Journey?





 Everyone wants inner peace, happiness, a sense of purpose, but how do we get there when life is crashing down around us? Carol shares how she discovered the "you-phoria" lifestyle along her life's journey in her new book, "Uncharted Territory."



T ravel through the pages of Uncharted Territory to discover the "you-phoria lifestyle" and learn how to "peel the onion" and claim this liberated way of triumphant living that paves the way to basking in the freedoms of peace, harmony and contentment that you were meant to live! Carol shares personal details of the crises in her life--the loss of a child, a runaway teenager, and coping with a serious disease. She candidly shares how she learned to get out of her own way by changing her attitudes, breaking bad habits and taming fears that eventually gave her the strength to carve a path and to re-engineer her live towards what she calls the ultimate freedoms in the "you-phoria lifestyle."


Learn what others are saying about Uncharted Territory:

"There is lots going on in my life at this time.  I’ve began reading your book and definitely learning a lot and working on some ‘actions’.  A big thing for me that I’ve been implementing within the past week is naming the feeling/the need, separating from the who/what I keep attaching the feeling to, and understanding the real reason why so I can begin to move forward.  Looking forward to reading more and applying." --- S. Julian

​"I purchased your book for my Nook and am very much enjoying reading it.  Wonderful job!" --- A. Balwin

"Your book has proven to be very useful at both work and home.  Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your wealth of knowledge." --- A. Penalver

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it!  It’s very impressive!" --- N. Conway 

"I started reading your book, “Uncharted Territory” and find it very valuable and very helpful to me especially during this uncertain time in my life.  I’m a slow reader but I know your book will help me to unfold God’s divine purpose for my life with a God-given balance." --- B. Grimaldo

"I’m enjoying that book of yours.  Plan on passing it along to my sister(s) to read." --- J. Price

"Your book is fabulous so far, you truly are an incredible woman and I am forever grateful.  This world needs more beings like you." --- S. Torigian

​" I LOVE your book!" --- G. Feltman

"I am not a reader but l am getting into your book, learning some things about myself." --- K. Anderson 

"Wanted to thank you for the book again.  I have started reading my copy and have enjoyed it.  Great information and you are such an amazing treasure!! " --- L. Brekkestran 

 "I enjoyed your book.  I have read many motivational and self-help books, and yours is probably the most comprehensive I’ve seen.  I like how you wove in your faith.  I’ve been through many tough times over the past 20 years...Your book came at a good time for me, and it truly helped me.  You are an inspiration." --- M. Stahly 

"I can't put your book down (thank you)." --- R. Gomez 

"You are so inspiring , and I’m loving your book! At your lecture, you said “Don’t sweat the little things, save your energy for bigger things”; it’s stuck in my head, and was also one of the reasons that made me want to read your book." --- A. Kuo 

"I finished your book, Carol. It was very good and I will implement things that I learned into my life. I focus on God and His plan for abundant joy in my life." --- E. Link


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The Mind Compass

​Daily Inspirational Thoughts to Jumpstart Your Day


Life can get hectic and we find ourselves dizzily spinning! Hoping for a life-saver to set us on a straight path. If you can identify with this situation, then Cornerstone has a resource tool just for you. It is a book of easy-to-read articles to guide you through the tough places in life. The Conflict Management Link is a special collection of essays on the art of growing where you're planted. It is not designed to read like a book, but to randomly select a page that brings insight and inspiration. You'll find Ideas that will put feet to your situation and escort you to a place of balance.

We took extraordinary care when selecting the photo for the book's cover (below). It had to express the cumulative impact this book offers in one photo frame. The crooked branches are an illustration of the hurtful experiences we've all faced, yet the surrounding fullness of leaves and foliage allows the sun to beam in, to give light and hope. Notice how the light is casted to the depths of the jungle. As it is in our lives, that our deepest value sheds light to others. Our photographer, c delight, has an estute eye for capturing nature's unique message. The cover photo was taken in Maui in the summer of 2014. Sprinkled amongst the short articles is a unique collection of photographs taken by c delight, featuring several spectacular points of interest in California and Hawaii.


Learn what others are saying about the Conflict Management Link:

“An Anthology” will sell itself. Such a lovely book! I’ve ordered 7 books this morning and can’t wait to start sowing the seed. You are my inspiration..." --- C. Hartman

"The Conflict Management Link book is great, I’m glad you presented it, I find it valuable." --- J. Perez

"What a wonderful collection of writings. It's beautiful and an inviting read. I love the photos too. Great job!" --- T. Kahlen

"I ordered your book. Congratulations on a good job!" --- D. Roberts

"I just got your book...I have four negotiators working for me and I'll have them read your book." --- R. Dickson

"This is beautiful...I am so happy for you!" --- D. Alves 

"I'm buying some (books) for Christmas. They make great Christmas gifts. Thank God for Carol---YOU!!!" -- B. Grimaldo

"I’ve really enjoyed the book, and keep it on the coffee table just to pick up occasionally to read a page. Francine said she read it before she gave it to me (friends are allowed), and has also enjoyed it a lot." --- J. Jarvis

"I have read about half of your book and find it very refreshing and inspiring – you have a gift!" --- A. Michalski

"I keep it ( An Anthology) at my desk and read a chapter each morning. It's wonderful.  We think alike!" --- C. Nickerson

"I’m so excited to get your book.  Your writing is always insightful and interesting to read." ---L. Sosinsky

"Carol Brooks never fails to deliver!  Ms. Brooks writings will fuel you with faith and hope to strengthen your heart and mind, inspire in you a deep resolve to embrace the inevitable changes that come your way and a determination to work diligently to find new solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.  A must read!" --- B. Walsh


We've provided a couple of articles for you to preview the types of insights that will help jump-start your day.




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S  P  A  R  K  I  N  G     Y  O  U  R     W  I  L  L     T  O     S  U  C  C  E  E  D